Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here are a few tricks to stay away from the treats

This time of year can really throw me off of my diet and training plans. I have four kids who will be hauling home big sacks full of tasty candy and treats and then all of the left over from the trick or treaters that didn't come.That candy will be around tempting me along with all of the other Autumn treats pies, cookies, hot chocolate, carmel corn. mmmmm... and then Christmas is only 7 weeks away and we start into the christmas nummies.If you are like me and have a major sweet tooth then you know what kind of will power and discipline it takes to control your sweet tooth from Halloween through Christmas.

Here are some of my tricks to avoid the treats.
Allow myself a certain number of treats per week so that I don't feel totally deprived.
Have a competition with a friend to see who can stick to a one treat a week diet. Put $ on the line.
Send all the left overs candy and goodies to work with my husband, the guys there have no guilt.
Don't put the nummies out on the counter at home, it makes it too easy to snack on those instead of making a healthy snack choice. Out of sight out of mind.
Here are some other tricks that I found that we can try together.
Chew sugar free gum instead
Eat something with mint, it nautrally curbs a sweet tooth.
Brush your teeth
Get busy- occupy your time with something outside of the kitchen. You will likely forget about the treat.
Be sure to eat regular meals with protein and complex carbs so you are not hungry and looking for a quick sugar fix.
When you have a craving, go do sit ups or go for a walk or some form of exercise for 10 minutes. This will usually curb your sweet tooth and help you make a better snack choice.
Have sugar free treats available to fill your need
Eat fruit- it is sweet and will many times fill the sweet tooth cravings.
Freeze small squares of dark chocolate and savor one a day or when a craving hits.
Try a chewable vitamin C, along with boosting your immune system it is also known to help with cravings.
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Sarah----These are some great tips! Here is what we do at my house. The day after Halloween we open up all the candy and throw it in the blender with 3 cups of sugarless Grape Kool-aid, two teaspoons of ground black pepper, and dash of salt.


    Then we invite all of our friends over (must bring their own straw) for a CandyShake party. Anything left over we freeze and use to baste the Turkey.