Thursday, July 22, 2010

July- Story of the Month

The story of the month for July

comes to you from my new friend Lendyl Thomas

whom I met in June when he came from Oregon with his wife Gwen

for the Utah Valley Marathon.

Here is his footbiking story. An Inspiration.

A Journey to Love and Thankfulness

Chances are if you are reading this you are one of two kinds of people, those that are already into footbiking or someone who is curious and wants to find out more. That’s where I found myself after a serious back injury changed my life forever. Running, biking, kayaking and mountain climbing were suddenly gone. An active life became one of stillness.
I wasn’t willing to believe this was the end though and began a long journey of searching to try and get back the active life I loved.
Well, I still haven’t gotten it all back. The simple reality is. . . I won’t. But, I am gaining ground every day and even going places I never thought I would. And, it’s all because of footbiking.
When I got started I could literally “feel” my body changing. With each ride I was getting stronger. How could something so simple and fun be transforming my life? I don’t know. I just knew it was. And, the more I rode, the hungrier I got.
A few months into it though, a mysterious illness knocked me down. But, after several months the hunger never went away. By the middle of March I began training and on June 12th I completed a footbike marathon. In September, I will be doing another.
So, if you are wondering like I was, “is footbiking right for me?” Satisfy your curiosity – try a footbike, it can change your life. If you have been injured or debilitated you may find, as I did, that a footbike is the best pain killer and anti-depressant around.
Some people say love is too strong a word. Others will tell you that saying thank you isn’t enough. What I will tell you is, I love this sport and I am thankful everyday for what it has given to me. So, join myself and others and begin your own journey.

Kicking it on the Central Oregon Coast,