Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cross Training

Yesterday I took a day off from Footbiking, but by 3:00 in the afternoon I was feeling sluggish.
I always feel so much more energy throughout the day when I work out.
The babies were sleeping so I decided to try out my treadmill,
which has been collecting dust for about 11 months.
I was amazed to find how different my run felt after all of my Footbike Training.
I felt stronger and did not get out of breath so easily as I remember before.
I only ran for three miles, but I think it was a record time for me.
All of this Footbiking is helping me to be better at more than just Footbike.

Friday, May 22, 2009


The Bear Lake KOA in Garden City, Utah now has Footbikes for rent.
If you are looking for a great weekend or day trip this is the place to go.
Whether you are staying at the KOA or just there for the day, stop in to the bike rental shop. Ben will take good care of you and set you up with a Footbike to kick around.
This is a great place to get on one and go for a kick.
There is a paved trail that goes along side the main road through
Garden City with views of the
Mountains and the beautiful, blue Bear Lake.

After we delivered the new Footbikes to the KOA and had a little lunch at Merlins Drive-In, it was our turn to hit the trail on our Footbikes. Chris and I each put a baby on our backs and followed our enthusiastic 4 year old Weston all along the trail.

We had races, stopped to see the fish swimming in the crystal clear water and kept our eyes open for that legendary "Bear Lake Monster".
Oakley, as you can see got the biggest thrill out of cruising with his Dad.

Great Weather, Great Place, Great Company!
What a perfect Day!

Kick It in Bear Lake!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Adults, Scooters are for Kids...

....but Footbikes are for Kids of all ages!
Whether you are in 1st Grade and just
starting to kick like Kirkam of West Bountiful
(pictured on the Yellow Express Model)
or if you are a time tested wise guy.
Footbiking is for you!
Bring out the kid in you again
and start kicking it!

My new Candy Pink Thing

Looky here.
Chris set me up with a new Footbike.
I now get to kick the marathon on what I call
"My Candy Pink Thing."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is a Footbike?

The footbike is:
a fun, family friendly, easy to use,
fits almost anyone, comfortable, safe,
adjustable, rideable, get where you wanna go,
absolutely enjoyable, everyone want to get on and tryable

Friday, May 15, 2009

I love Green Slime

... Green slime my only green slime
You make me happy when my tire goes flat
You never know dear how much I love You
Please don't take my green slime away.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Now I know I can make it

I did it!
Today I Footbiked 26.2 miles. Wow-
It was exhausting, but now I know I can make it to the finish line on
June 13th at the Utah Valley Marathon.