Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is your Footbike doing today?

During the months of March thru November my Footbike gets so much use I don't have to ask What is my Footbike doing today? Most days my Footbike sees the local trails and race courses, but sometimes my Footbike gets to go somewhere Fabulous.

Included are some pictures in Moab Utah on a great vacation. Oh and when we drove through San Francisco we couldn't help ourselves we had to stop and get out the Footbikes for a kick across the Golden Gate Bridge.

So as the season get's underway don't forget to snap a picture or two of

"what your Footbike is doing today"

send them our way and we will post them on the blog. Thanks

ps. Not interested in seeing a picture of a Footbike hanging in your garage collecting dust.

Get out and KICK IT!!!!!!!