Monday, June 14, 2010

The Final Results from the UVM.

On Saturday June 12th 6 Footbikers joined over 1800 runners at the starting line for the Utah Valley Marathon. Just before the gun the rain started coming down, it rained for the first 13-15 miles and then even though the rain stopped, the streets were so wet and there were so many puddles that soon our shoes felt like lead weights and the water squished through our toes with every kick. Even with slippery decks, water filled shoes, soaking wet clothes we pulled some great numbers.

Thanks to all who participated and especially to Spartacus who drove in from Nevada and Lendyl who came down from Oregon.

Men's times

Mathew Greensides- 1:27:09.9

Spartacus Oakie- 1:31:47.6

Chris Cox - 1:34:03.7

Lendyl Thomas- 2:07:03.0

Women's times

Sarah Cox- 1:33:46.6

Ruth Greensides - 1:50:58.4

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Event Sale- Buy a Footbike from Kick-It Marketing

On June 12th is the Utah Valley Marathon.
Kick-It Marketing is a sponsor of the race and we will have a booth at the Expo in the Provo Towne Center Mall
on June 10th and 11th.
On Race Day we will have a booth at the finish line where you can
come and try out a Footbike.
We have lowered our prices for the event.
Take advantage of this opportunity to demo a Footbike
and get in on these low prices.
$320 for a Street Model
$370 for a Track Model
See you this weekend!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Hero!

This is my footbiking hero!
I am sure she is the hero for many footbikers.
Roseanne Reijne
of Stepteam High Level
is a world class racer with speed that will blow your mind.
On May 29th she raced in the Afsluitdijk time trial. This is a 23 mile race. Roseanne was the first women and placed 2nd overall (out of more than 50 steppers) with a remarkable time of 1:17:38.80. This is an average speed of 17.77 mph.
Congratulations Roseanne!