Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cannibal 20" bracket

Many of you have asked how we put on a 20" wheel and have wanted to get one for yourself. We have the wheels custom made and then Chris makes a bracket that allows the wheel to work. Please read all of the information below and then if you want to place an order please send an email to

Cannibal’s 20” bracket
Here’s the scoop!
First and foremost you need to remember a few things before one dives into this purchase.
1. This is a handmade custom bracket. It will be made in my garage, will take me approx. 4 hours from start to finish, and I will make it as close to perfect as I can get but I make these in my garage.
2. The wheels are professionally build by a bike shop where I use to work and have maintained relationship with for 20+ years. They are good; dang good wheel builders!
3. Your existing rear FB skewer can be used but will fit tight, very tight. See my notes below about the skewer. Does it work? Yes, 4 of us have been kicking on them for almost 6 months now but you need to know going into this all the info about the current skewer challenge. We are looking into getting a longer skewer threaded deeper and then sized to correct length.
4. The Tektro R556 brake can be purchased on the internet and has worked wonderfully for us. Other brakes that we have tried are very difficult to get to function correctly due to clearance. See attached pic #191.
5. Will it make you faster? Kick it and find out!

This bracket was engineered for a FB track model that has a carbon front fork already installed. I need to make this clear because it does matter that the person has made these changes to their FB first because it does change the height of their deck and the angle of attack. Again, this bracket was engineered for a FB track that has already had these upgrades. As you can tell from the pictures(#133) attached that the deck drops another 1/8” in addition to the results alone with the carbon fork. Together with Carbon fork and Cannibal bracket you still remain virtually level. It is unknown what type of angle and results you will get if you still are using the stock FB fork.
Cost to build bracket set only(comes with mounting hardware) would be $85.00. This does not include the 20”wheel,tube, and tire, and rear brake(if wanted).

I can provide the kit (Less the Tektro R556 brake) of below listed parts for $255.00.
Cannibal’s 20” bracket kit includes:
20” custom build Alex Rim R390 wheel with wheelsmith spokes, tube, and tire(110 PSI, 20X1 1/8”). *You will have to provide me with Your rear FB hub.
Cannibal 20” bracket set for FB in flat black finish.
Mounting hardware for bracket.
Instructions of how to mount

*Note that the existing rear skewer will have to be used for now but with caution not to strip threads due to the wider spacing caused by the bracket. It works and has worked for us wonderfully however, this issue is being addressed to see about obtaining longer skewers that are threaded deep enough to use on the FB hub. It is for this reason that you take on yourself all responsibility to making sure you put the skewer on correctly and carefully not to break it but to also insure that the wheel is secure. Again, it works but with tenderness not to strip the limited threads.