Thursday, October 1, 2009

Congratulations to Callee. The winner of the Story contest.

Thank you to all who sent in your footbike stories. They were all great and I will post a new one each month. The winner of the contest is Callee. I wish the prize was a Footbike and not just a gift card because I know she really wants her own Footbike. Keep saving. Many of you told me about stories, but never got them into me. The contest is over, but I would still love to have your stories and I will post them here on the blog.

Thanks again.

Here is Callee's Story.

Sure, I will try out your adult sized scooter. How hard could that be? But I am for sure not going to buy one!
That was my first thought about the Footbike when Sarah called and asked if I would like to try one out for awhile.
My first day with the Footbike, I mapped out a 3 mile trail that I would follow. The trail was on a flat road and had no hills. This would be easy! I made it about ½ miles and my legs were burning, I was sweating buckets and my heart was racing so fast. I turned around and came back home and was so mad that I was so out of shape that I couldn’t push myself farther on the Footbike.
The next day after realizing that this wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, I paced myself and repeated that day after day and each day I went a little farther. I was so surprised on how many body parts I could feel getting a good workout. I loved feeling the burn in my butt and legs. It was instant gratification for me and not to mention that it was FUN!
Each day I would go out on the Footbike, put my iPod on and just “Kick It” –It was a great stress release for me; I was able to work out and actually enjoy it. I got a lot of stares from people and one person pulled their car over to ask me what it was, I was excited to explain it to him.
Then I received the dreaded phone call from Sarah. “Hey Callee, we need to come and pick up the footbike”
I actually was very sad and miss being able to exercise with the Footbike. I am anxious to buy one and get started with entering marathons and other activities with the Footbike

Thanks for the great opportunity to enjoy the Footbike.
Tooele, Utah

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