Sunday, December 20, 2009


Decembers story is one of my favorites.
Thanks Rick and Trent for your spontaneity
It was great to have you in the race.
We are planning to do the
Utah Valley Marathon
again in 2010.
Mark your calendars for June 12, 2010

Trent and I had never seen a Footbike until the night before the marathon. It looked like so much fun I bought one (Sarah was kind enough to lend a bike for Trent) and the next morning we did the Utah Valley Marathon. Trent and I laughed out loud as we raced each other down the big hills. It took a while to get "in the groove" but we soon found it and managed to hold our position throughout the race. We had a blast!! It at first didn't seem very hard but the next day we were quite sore. I had been training for a run but I guess this uses different muscles. Thanks so much for including us last minute. What a blast!!

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  1. Sarah---
    I cannot believe that these guys pulled this off---or that we let them do it!....Didn't I crash in that event?----well not really a crash, more of a 'fall off here' type of thing??

    A happy ending regardless. The UVM is a perfect marathon course for a beginning to intermediate FB racer. Some purists would think down upon the downhill sections of the race----but you still need to kick em' eh?

    This year we are going to do a 12hr distance record event the day before----you gonna be ready?