Monday, December 7, 2009

All I want for Christmas!

Here is a wish list I have compiled for Footbikers.
Please feel free to add other items in the comments if you have different items on your wish list.
First things first-
If you don't have a Footbike then that should be #1 on your list.
and incase you did not know we have a special running through 12/31/09
Buy one Street or Track model Footbike and receive a
coupon good for $50 off the second Street or Track model.
Isn't it great!
Now you will have your Footbike and so will your favorite workout buddy.
Okay now that we all have our Footbikes
These are the simple modifications I have made to my
Footbike that some of you may be interested in too.
Although Stock, the Footbike is great.
1st of all I bought some Ergon Grips $29.99 at REI
I love them they make the longer kicks a bit more comfortable for the hands.
I went with the GP1 in small because I have small hands. I decided to stay with the stock bar ends I like how they feel.
2nd my husband bought me a carbon fiber fork
This decreases the overall weight of the bike and get's me a bit lower to the ground.
Changing out the fork then required new front brakes which Chris also bought for me.
Next I bought a new front tire.
I bought a Michalin 700 x 23c
I purchased this from my new favorite bike shop.
Saturday Cycles which is in West Bountiful very close to my house.
This brought my kicking plat form a little bit closer to the ground.
I love the new tire it is a smooth repsonsive ride.
One of my very favorite things I have on my Footbike is my
Cateye Bike Computer
I love to be able to track my distance, my average speed, my current speed.
I like numbers.
This gives a way to set and reach new goals for myself.
That takes care of the bike now for the kicker.
Here in Utah for the cooler months
I recommend wearing some cool weather running pants and a running jacket.
My new favorite running store is
Wasatch Running Center in Sandy Utah
Glenn and the others will be sure to set you up with the right clothes and shoes.
Now Kicking shoes. I am not sure what my next pair will be.
It has been recommended to me to wear a
flat soled shoe with very little rise to the heel for kicking.
I am also a runner so I have gone with a running shoe or a crosstraining shoe and I
use the shoe for both kicking and running.
Back to the cold weather gear.
I bought a good pair of full finger Pearl Izumi bike gloves from REI which I have test
in 32 degree weather and I love them. They are thin comfortable and keep my fingers warm without getting to hot.
Last for the cold weather rides. I like to wear a fleece Balaclava
It doubles as a hat and ear warmer and I can pull it up over my mouth
on the really cold rides to keep from breathing in too much cold air.
To keep hydrated I use a waterbottle in a cage on my shorter kicks
anything under 10 miles.
If I am going further than that I will take an sport drink in my bottle cage and
I wear my Hydration pack on my back. I found a very slim line pack that does not bother me at all to wear. I bought mine for $12 at Sam's Club in the summer time.
On the
Moses as recommended the following two items
Sipp Stream- I have not tried it, but it sounds like a great idea.
A waterbottle with a long tube that hooks to handlebars for an easy drink.
Adidas Ankle Protector- This is something used in soccor, but
if any of you have ever had even one sloppy kick and knicked your ankle on the footboard
you may be rushing out to pick these up.
Last are some great stocking stuffers
Zip Fizz- this is my current sport drink of choice
Zone Perfect Bars- my current pre kick boost.
I-tunes gift cards - to add more kicking tunes to the IPOD.
Green slime for the tires if you kick where there might be thorns.
The Green slime has saved me and my workout on a couple of occasions now.
I know it adds weight, but it also adds peace of mind.
One last thing on my list and I haven't decided which one to get yet, but
I need a good bike light for those mornings when I start out in the dark.
I want something easy on and off on the handlbars, it needs to be bright enough
that I can be seen and so I can see where I am going, but I don't really want to spend
a grundle of money. I will keep looking and let you know when I find something I like.
I have a helmet light, but I do not like it. It bothers me and is very heavy on my head.
Mike Santa Cruz of Santa Cruz Marketing said this is what is on his Footbiking wish list
Le Mond carbon fork, Zipp 808 Track front wheel, Schwalbe Marathon Racer 18" rear tire. And some nice Adidas X-Trainers from
Hope this helps you and your family decide on
the best gifts for a Footbiker.
Happy Holidays.


  1. How about some aero-bar handlebars to help increase that downhill speed and a carbon rear wheel or just a rear blinking light

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  3. Hmm----I wonder if we could find an old carbon disc wheel cover and cut it to fit....??