Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Gift ideas for the sport enthusiast in your life

We of course think that a Footbike should be at the top of every ones wish list and gift giving list.
Check out this link-
Footbikes are number 3 on Amy Donaldson's list in Today's Deseret news
If you already have your Footbike- you may have a wish list of things to use while Footbiking
or fun new mods and upgrades.
This has inspired me to write a list of my must haves for Footbikers
Watch for my next post.


  1. Bring it on Sarah----we want to see some of your upgrade ideas. The only issue we are having with the Footbikes this holiday season is that we can't find a stocking big enough to hold one.

  2. Great job on the PR, K.I.M! FYI-my FB upgrade wish list is a Le Mond carbon fork, Zipp 808 Track front wheel, Schwalbe Marathon Racer 18" rear tire. And some nice Adidas X-Trainers from