Friday, November 13, 2009

November's Footbike Story

Our November Story is from Connie K.
She fell in love with her Footbike immediately and even joined us a few weeks after buying her Footbike in a 5K race.
She is a lot of fun and we are glad to have her as part of our Footbike Family
Here is Connie's story.

This past summer the orthopedic surgeon told me that my knee was wearing out faster than I am and that I should not participate in impact sports. I'm an avid biker but sometimes like mixing things up so was disappointed to know that I shouldn't run (even though I never really liked running, but it did get fitness results). A few months later I saw the article in the DesNews about footbikes. I was so excited to find an optional way to workout, and still be outdoors. I arranged for the Cox's to bring the footbikes to Sugarhouse Park for a demo. I was sold as soon as I got on it and deciding not to impulse buy I didn't buy one that night -- I ended up ordering it the next day. I've had a blast learning how to get a stronger kick and work out hard. It's always so funny to tell friends about the footbike -- they get on it and play for a few minutes and you can tell they think that it won't be that hard. I challenge them to take it for 15 min and then tell me what they think. The Footbike is an amazing workout!!! Another benefit is exercise sessions with my dog, I take my dog to the school next door in the evenings and he loves running next to me -- he gets a much more intense and quicker exercise session when we go footbiking!-- Connie

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