Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello Welcome to 2010- Is anyone still out there?
I know I disappeared for a while and although I have not been on my Footbike since Thanksgiving I have been hoping and wishing for an early spring. (What does the ground hog really know anyway?) Utah has been cold and icy for the last few months and very dark at 6 am which is my workout time. There have been a few nice days when the snow has melted and the temperatures have been in the 50's, but that always happens in the middle of the week when I have no one to watch my 3 young kids
so I can't get outside and kick my little heart out.
So where have I been? Mostly working on my New Years resolution of doing a much needed deep clean and organization of my whole house. I also made a New Years resolution to continue to get fit and to get stronger so that when I do have the opportunity to get back on my Footbike I won't be starting at square one. I am hoping that my winter training will put me ahead of where I left off in the Fall. I will go into some detail in one of my next posts on my winter training so come back soon.
Spring is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about
what events to participate in and what vacations to go on.
I will be back on a more regular basis now as we start looking forward to spring.

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