Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I think I have missed a few stories of the Month. Here is another of my favorites as written by our good friend Nylin Johnson who is a runner and footbiker. He completed the Utah Grand slam in 2009, he used his Footbike in his training. He is a Physical Therapist at Mountain Land Physical Therapy in Kaysville. Nylin is also the owner of the Sportsplex a fun recreation spot as well as a great training and exercise facility. Nylin and his team use the Footbikes in their running training as well as recommend this type of training and activity as rehabilitation to many of their patients.

Here is the experience that Nylin related to me.

"Last night I was out kicking, when a good friend of mine passed me on his road bike, heading the other way. He decided to turn around and catch up to me so he could chat, and the curiosity of the Footbike also caught his attention…It took him a solid mile to catch me, as I was on a good rhythm. I had no idea he had turned around until he pulled up beside me. He was amazed at the speed and grace of the Footbike. I didn’t feel like I was moving that fast, although I was averaging almost 16mph on the flat. It is a deceptive workout, as I was trashed when I was done.

Let the fun continue…"