Monday, April 19, 2010

Footbikers at the Salt Lake Marathon

All that worrying for nothing.

I was so nervous about being able to complete the race in time and about being kicked off the course for being dead last. That wasn't the case at all.

At the starting line we were in a pack of 1500 bicycles. After the count down and the horn blew we just stood there and stood there and then a little bit of walking forward. When we crossed the starting line we were starting to move a bit more. Slowly we worked our way in and through the bicycles to find our spot. Mat "oneT" took the lead as we started into the downhill. Chris "The Cannibal" and Jeff "Spartacus" hung back for a little while. I soon lost sight of them, but I had the company of some very inquisitive bikers. Chris stopped and waited for me several times throughout the race and then about 3/4 of the way through the course I met up with Jeff and Mat again. We stayed pretty close until the final stretch where we all lined up to cross the finish line together. Chris clocked us at 1hour 36 minutes. We passed a lot of bikes and not just on the downhill. We finished up midpack and ahead of many many bikers. (surprise to me)
Unfortunatly the bike tour was not a timed race so this is not an official time or record. Thanks guys for hanging with me on this one, this finish time was at my pace not theirs. A personal best for me though. I know these guys could have blown this time away. This was fun though.

Watch for the official times at the Utah Valley Marathon. That race we will be chipped and it will be a full marathon 26.2. That's the race for setting records.

Who's going to join us for the Utah Valley Marathon?
See you there.
got footbike?


  1. Great job, Team Footbike USA! Sweet pic,you look like a bunch of milkaholics.

  2. I just have to give a Big Thumbs Up here as well.
    You overcome all doubts and smashed the time.

    Great stuff!


    Alan :-)

  3. CCR--Life's greatest adventure is in doing one's very best. Great job guy's you did good! jj

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  5. good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

  6. 用行動來支持你~~~不留言不行!........................................