Thursday, May 20, 2010

Footbiking and Geocaching

In March of this year my husband Chris was turned onto Geocaching. He loves it and goes every chance he gets. He has purchased a travel bug for each member of our family each with it's own mission and has sent them out into the Geocaching world. The last of these travel bugs to go out is mine. Until this week he was unsure of what he wanted to do for my travel bug.

Read below to find out how the "Super Sonic Music Box" was born.

We have done some of our Geocaching via Footbike and come to find out there are others doing the same. There is a group in Southern California that finds Geocaching via Footbike to be the best way to get around and I read just yesterday that Bob Schultz of New Jersey was out Geocaching via Footbike too. What great fun! Happy Caching and Happy Footbiking!

Here is the story of
The Super Sonic Music Box

Current GOAL: To travel out into the Geocaching world from cache to cache preferable via Footbike or like kicking machine, till it reaches Footbike’s design birthplace; the country of Holland. From that point it will travel via Footbike or like kicking machine around the European countries participating in Footbiking events and races. Not to forget to collect pictures of these events to share as it kicks along on its journey. Remember…Just kick it!

About this item: "Super Sonic Sarah" is a member of Team FootbikeUSA and has been kicking it hard going on three years now. As a member of the team she has spent countless mornings up before dawn training and pushing her limits to kick faster and harder each day. Her kicking companion the "Super Sonic Music Box" has been by her side for countless training miles and many adventurous Footbike races. Sadly, Super Sonics’ Music Box met its demise yesterday as it fell victim to the washing machine. It went through a full cycle in the Maytag and in the end, it could not hold on any more. It stopped! This was a very sad day for Super Sonic. As a tribute to her long time worthy training partner, this travel bug was crafted from its remains so that it can continue Footbiking and live out its adventures in kicking. Footbiking is a wonderful sport that is just now catching on in the USA but has been very alive and strong in the old world. See for more info about the incredible sport of Footbiking. Also, you are invited to visit Super Sonics’ own Footbiking blog at for a closer look. May this Travel bug live on and Footbiking grow as a sport here in our wonderful country. Happy travels “Super Sonic Music Box” may you travel far and never forget how to … Just kick it!

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