Sunday, June 14, 2009


Saturday June 13, 2009 5:50 AM
The Starting line of
the first official US Footbiking Marathon.

The race was a huge success.Thank You to Hyrum Oaks the race director for allowing us to be a part of this marathon. Also a big Thank you to all of the race participants many traveled long distances to be a part of this event.

Thank you for your support.

Footbike Racers

Gary Schmitt- 1st Place Overall- 1:36:20.8

Christopher Cox - 2nd Place Mens 1:40:53.2

Mat Greensides- 3rd Place Mens 1:46:59.6

Robert Nachtrieb 1:52:27.3

Jeff Oakie 1:56:27.3

Sarah Cox -1st Place Womens 1:56:54.6

Brandy Waddoups- 2nd Place Womens 1:56:59.1

Trent Bluth 2:11:05.2

Rick Bluth 2:11:05.3

Liza Hyatt- 3rd Place Womens 2:12:43.0

Finish Line shots

Unfortunatly we do not have Gary Schmitt and Chris Cox pictured at the finish line because Chris 2nd place was our photo man and therefore did not get a photo of Gary our first place finisher. Gary and Chris you guys were incredible. Great Race.

Way to go Mat!

You did awesome Robert.

You da man Oakie.

Sarah You go girl-

Brandy- You Rock!

Hats off to Trent and Rick who purchased their footbikes the night before the race and having never been on one before raced in the footbike marathon. They finished the marathon with excellent times, both finished in the "TOP TEN" Hope you guys had fun. See you next year!

Great Kick'n Liza!


  1. Guys---
    I don't think you could have done a better job of launching this sport into the Americas! The response from the running crowd was incredible...I bet we see at least 50 kickers in the next UVM!

    And an extra HiFive to Chris and Mat for slamming the 32oz Rock Star Energy Drink and 2 pound Reeses Peanut Butter Bar on the bus ride to the starting line. I thought some of the runners were going to jump you guys and toss your 3:30am pre-race snack out of the bus window!

    P.S.----Thanks to Sarah and Brandy for the 30 LAST TIME I give Gary Schmitt a 20 minute head start!!!!

  2. Oops----meant to thanks Sarah and Brandy for the 30 second head start!

  3. 30 seconds-- That's pretty close. Maybe next time I will pound a Monster and a candy bar to see if I can get a small boost to get ahead of you.

  4. Yea---that and an extra 100 lbs of gravity loving downhill speed might do the trick!

    Check out YouTube and search for Footbike Racing at the Utah Valley Marathon----you should see it there. Such great scenary, and the weather and temps were set just for us.....awesome.

  5. Hey, this is Natalie. Sarah, good job taking 1st place. Those footbikes look like an awesome workout.

  6. I would love to participate in a kickbike race like this. I hope more race directors catch the vision!

  7. Hi Natalie. How's it go'n? Thanks for checking out the blog. The Footbikes are a great workout and so much fun too.

  8. Jim
    I love to hear of people that have the same passion for Footbiking that we do. We were so thrilled to have Hyrum, the UVM race director allow us to participate. My goal was to have 10 people in the Footbike division which is exactly what we had. We are thinking of approaching several other race directors, but would like to have more kickers turn out for our next one. Do you have a kicking group you belong to or know of any other people that would be interested in a race like this. I would like to start building a list so that when we organize our next event we can contact those who would join us and spread the word.
    Thanks for reading the blog.
    Just Kick It!

  9. I am doing alright. Hey, email me some time - I would give my number, but don't want to post it publicly on here. How much are the footbikes? I might be interested in checking it out.

  10. Hey Sarah,
    When Rick and Trent showed up at the UVM were they planning to run the marathon----or were they just meeting with friends? We need to find those guys and see how they are feeling!

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