Saturday, June 27, 2009

West Bountiful, Utah Independence Day Parade

The Cox's decorated their footbikes to give the
crowd a little something different to look at.

The kids loved it.
The Parade watchers loved it.
We loved it.

Good Job boys! You were awesome paraders.

Our Prayers are with the troops and we are grateful to all those that
have served us past and present so that we can live in this great country
Kick-It Marketing would like to wish you all

a wonderful and safe Independence Day.
God Bless America
Just Kick It!


  1. Your footbikes look awesome!!! The boys look like they had fun. Too bad you guys won't be around for the Centerville parade...I think you should come :0) You guys are awesome!!!

  2. Wow----what a great way to play! So are you guys ready to form the first ever USA Footbike Drill Team?-----look at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!

  3. Macy's- ya okay