Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Fever left me sore.

Wow what a beautiful day yesterday was, but
oh mama, my legs are aching today.
This happens when you use different muscle groups
that you haven't been using regularly.
I have been trying to keep my Footbiking muscles active through
the winter, but I guess nothing can do it like Footbiking can do it.
How do you relieve aching muscles?
Here are a few tips.
1. Stretching
2. Heat
3. Massage
4. Alternate Hot and cold
5. Rest
6. Drink a lot of water
7. Increase protein intake to help rebuild the stressed muscle
8. Some say Vitamin C and Potassium
9. IB Profin
10. Continue to use the muscles, but moderately to keep them from stiffening up.

I think I will try all of these and see where it gets me.

How to prevent muscle soreness,
because apparently you don't have to get sore if you take a few precautions.
Warm up- stretch- start into new exercises slowly- cool down- stretch again.
Drink water- stretch again before bed.
Wala! - no muscle soreness.
We will see.

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