Monday, March 1, 2010

Marathon Training Schedule

Only 15 weeks until the Utah Valley Marathon.

Have you ever thought about kicking a marathon?
This is an awesome place to start. This race has a lot of down hill,
although contrary to popular belief that does not mean a free ride the whole way. We still kick a lot(most) of the downhill.
Last year when I trained for the Utah Valley Marathon
I trained to kick a full 26.2 miles.
My opinion though- If you can kick 1/2 of that then
you can do this marathon on your Footbike.

I have a training schedule that I followed last year.
I trained for this in 11 weeks, but I thought that I would set up a 15 week schedule for this year. Send me an email if you want my full schedule and I will send it to you otherwise I will just do a weekly post to tell you what your miles should be for the week and you can follow this.

My training includes 4 kicking days, 2 cross training/strength days (You pick what you like) and 1 rest day.

Set up your week how it works for you, but try to do these miles.
If this starting point is too easy then move ahead in the schedule.
This schedule is set up for a physically active individual, but for someone who is new to Footbiking or who may have Footbiked leisurely, but not in a long distance event.

Week 15

Your 4 kicking days this week should be 3mile / 2 miles/ 3 miles /5 miles

Good Luck!

Email me with any questions

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