Monday, August 24, 2009

Enter to Win

Kick-It Marketing is having a drawing for a $25 Visa gift card.

All you have to do is send us your Footbiking story and a photo.

We will feature these stories once a month on our blog.
Some of you have already sent me your stories.

These will be entered in the drawing for the prize.
Please submit your stories to our email
by September 30th.
Your story can be just about anything.
It can be a funny story about something that happened while Footbiking, it can be an inspirational/success story about how Footbiking has changed your life.

It can be about your first impressions of Footbiking.
It can be just the reasons you like to Footbike.
It can be a story about something unique/ extraordinary/goofy/crazy
that you did on your Footbike.
What ever you decide, make sure email it to me by September 30th
with a picture to be entered in the drawing.
I look forward to reading all of your stories.


  1. Helo Chris and Sarah,
    Mike here with Santa Cruz Marketing. Yes its my real name and I'm not from Nor Cal or do I even ride a Santa Cruz. Many thanks for the greetings and well wishes. You have many great things going on. I'm looking forward to discussing ideas and sharing in future success. Glad to be kickin' it with ya.

  2. Greetings,

    My name is Jason Clark. I am a Springville kickbiker. I thought I was the only one in Utah. I kickbike everyday down Hobble Creek Canyon to Springville High School. If you ever want a great trail to kick on that is perfect for the Kickbiker try Hobble Creek Canyon. I plan to be at the Utah Valley Marathon next year.

    My first Kickbike I ever saw was in Zurich Switerland. I was thinking "That was awesome!" Being a former US Marine I hated running with a passion (It was used as a form of torture)but I knew one must run to get in "Marine" shape.(Right now I look like Drew Carey who is also a Former US. Marine) I thought kickbiking is as effective as running and not as jarring as jogging. So I have been kickbiking since July going down Hobble Creek Canyon's bike path. It is six miles from the trail head to my front porch. I truly believe I have the most pleasent workout in the United States.

    If you ever have questions or want to chat about kickbiking let me know.

    Jason Clark