Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking back...

2011 was a fantastic Footbiking year for us.

We participated in many events and added many new friends to our Footbiking circle.

Salt Lake City Marathon

We started out the racing year in April with our 2nd appearance in the Salt Lake City bike tour.

We had 5 Footbikers, one of which was a first time marathoner. Although we started out in the rain the weather cleared up and we had an enjoyable kick. All participants had fun and did well.

Brain Injury Association 5K

In May 5 Footbikers showed up at Liberty Park to support a friend and neighbor in the Brain Injury Association 5K. My 6 year old son raced his first race and had so much fun. He kicked hard and loved being a part of the event. The race atmosphere was exciting, getting a race shirt was awesome, but I think the best part for my six year old was wearing his own bib number.

Way to go Weston!!!

Utah Valley Marathon

Pictured: Lisa, Sarah, Chris, Andrew

June brought on our 3rd year participating in the Utah Valley Marathon.

What an event!

Up so early in the morning, standing for an hour freezing at the starting line. I loved the atmosphere and felt just like my six year old did at his first race, soaking in everything I could. 10 Footbikers raced, several were first time racers who did awesome. There was exciting competition among the experienced kickers with record setting times. This was the most incredible event we have taken part in yet.

The best part for me was taking Jeff at the finish line by one little second.

Jeff and Sarah coming in to the finish line.

Wow talk about some adrenaline!

Jeff, Mat, Chris

Sarah (not pictured Ruth 2nd and Lisa 3rd)

Pedal Away Parkinsons 10 mile ride

July we did the Parkinson's disease 10 mile bike tour in

honor of my father with many family members on Footbikes and on bikes.

Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon Running race (no footbike this time)

August was my 1/2 marathon running race. I had to prove that footbiking

is an excellent training tool for long distance runners. See my previous post.

I think I proved my point.

Viva Bike Vegas 60 mile Bike Tour

Sarah and Ruth at the starting line. Ready to ride the lights of the Las Vegas Strip

October at the Viva Bike Vegas was a perfect way to end our season with a

timed 60 mile race (30 miles of uphill) What a challenge,

but truely satisfying and it made all those training miles worth it in the end.

Chris, Jeff and Mat at the finish line!

Utah Kick Group Days

On top of all of the races we had several kick group days which gave us the opportunity to kick together with fellow footbikers and share our love for kicking with them.

2011 was a kick'n year. Here's to 2012!!!

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