Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Footbiking the UVM 2011

4 days to the UVM (Utah Valley Marathon), are you ready?
I feel more ready this year than last. Last year was a bogus trip for me. Two weeks before the race I came down with a bad head cold. As the race got closer and the more I trained and pushed myself, the worse it got and the deeper into my lungs it travelled till finally the week of the race had arrived and I had a full blown case of Bronchial Phenomena. Did I let this stop me from kicking it? No, I am one of those brilliant individuals that push themselves till they drop which is about what happened. I recall vividly at mile 18 feeling as though I was going to faint due to the lack of O2 and being surrounded with the prettiest dazzling stars that circled my head and made it very difficult to see the lines on the road. Finally arriving at the finish line I remember the kind folks helping me off my Footbike and desiring me to put one of those O2 masks over my face and escort me to the red and white wagon with the soft beds and people dressed in blue scrubs. Yea, I declined but probably should have gone with them. Glad that’s over with!
So this year what am I expecting from the UVM? Bring it on baby!! First and for most this year I am in good health which is huge, I have been training pretty regularly, the weather looks like it’s going to be beautiful and not 43 degrees and snowing at the starting line, I got this new 20” rear wheel that I will be kicking that totally rocks, and finally I have my Rokit Fuel bar to give me that extra needed kick. I would highly suggest that you give one a try. They are natural, they really do give a boost of energy to draw from, and honestly they taste pretty dang good for something being made of twigs, berries, and bark. I know the guys behind the bar and they got their “Shizz” together. So that’s my plan; go kick hard and enjoy. I’m pleased to see that there will be a few more kickers this year and am very excited to meet our kicking visitors from out of town who have traveled to our wonderful state to be part of this great event. Good luck, run strong, and have a great run to those who are doing the 26.2 the old fashioned way. As for all you kickers be safe, enjoy, and JUST KICK IT!
See you bright and early on the busses!
The Cannibal

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