Saturday, January 22, 2011

How do you transport your Footbike?

Typically I step out of my garage and my Footbike workout begins, but what about when you want to meet up with friends or need a change of scenery or you are going on vacation?
How do you take your Footbike with you?
Really it's easy. We have done it so many different ways. Footbikes are actually pretty small especially if you remove the front wheel and the back wheel. You can fit them just about anywhere inside or outside of your vehicle.
Bonus**** no greasy chain to worry about.

This is one of those tiny "Smart Cars" and a Footbike fits easily in the passenger seat.

Here we took four Footbikes with us on a Jeep Wrangler.

We have a Thule rack that we use on the top of our Tent Trailer that works great.
I've heard that the Europeans use a Yakima space case on the top of their vehicle and they can fit a couple inside safe and secure.

I've helped many people fit their Footbikes in many different types cars. In the trunk, in the back seat, in the passenger seat.

Where ever and however you make it work.
Take your Footbike with you and

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