Monday, September 14, 2009

How do you Kick a Cold?

Does anyone have any great magic for getting rid of a cold fast? It has been a week now and I guess I am finally feeling a bit better, but now I feel like my training has set back so far. I am just looking for some good advice for next time on how to kick a cold before it kicks me so I can keep kick'n.

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  1. Here is one remedy that was emailed to me. I am too late to try it for my cold, but try it for your cold and let me know how it works.

    Cold Fevers and Flu
    An effective treatment for a cold or fever is a natural antibiotic. I have found that the following infusion works better than most prescription antibiotics Strep throat, fevers, or colds. Make an infusion of the following…
    Use 4 cups apple juice instead of water for taste
    2 crushed garlic bulbs
    1oz. chopped lemon grass
    Simmer (do not boil) the apple juice, garlic and lemon grass for 20 min. Add the following
    2 teaspoons oregano oil
    2 tablespoons of raw honey
    Stir to melt the honey and then poor into a cup through a strainer. Put the strained garlic and lemon grass back into the remaining three cups of apple juice. Drink your one cup. Three hours later reheat the remains and reuse again drinking one cup every three hours. This will give you 12 hours of natural antibiotics and usually the next day the cold will be gone. Repeat if not.