Wednesday, July 8, 2009

16th Annual Antelope by Moonlight Bike Ride



Friday July 10, 2009
Brandy and I joined the madness out on Antelope Island for a ride.
It was madness
To begin with We got stuck in traffic on the way there, and so we started out 35 minutes late, but because there is really only one road that goes to the Island a lot of others were stuck in behind the same traffic.
As we were approaching the marina where the starting point was we heard the sound of heavy rain on the windsheild, but wait that was not rain, but
I have never in all my life seen so many bugs, we were terrified to get out of the car, but a man assured us that once we got onto the road out away from the marina the bugs wouldn't be so bad.
So we braved the swarms for the first mile (about 5 minutes) and then it did get better.
The ride was beautiful rolling hills with a great view of the city lights reflecting on the lake.
The moon peeked out from behind the mountains and made it's way through the clouds into the night sky.
The ride was great, the people were great.
and the bugs were gone by the time we returned to the car
22.85 miles later.
We were the only footbikers to our knowledge on this ride.
We recieved a lot of comments about our bikes
and made a few friends along the way.
Mark your calendars for next year.
A little madness now and then makes you feel alive.
Alive and Kick'n.


  1. Bugs----like squished bugs......?
    Didja bring any crackers?
    Les would have.

  2. Hey Sarah, I just re-discovered your blog! Your footbike looks like a lot of fun. I always wanted to bike that Antelope by moonlight thing, but I always forget to check the date in time. Sounds like you had a good time.

    Call me some time. We should totally hang out.