Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chris is an animal. This is him taking on his first 10 mile distance on the Footbike. No problem!

We are training for the Utah Valley Marathon.
The Marathon has opened a marathon footbike division. This is the first ever organized competition for footbiking in the USA. Chris and Sarah are both training to participate in the Marathon with Team Footbike. Team Footbike is looking for sponsors for the race. Contact Sarah at 801-815-8027 if you have a company that would be interested in being a Team Footbike race sponsor.


  1. Sarah, you did great. looks awesome. I was telling Lance about it last night. He thinks that we are too fat to do it. I say we might give it a shot! looks fun

  2. Chreesto,
    You are lookin' good man---or are you just sucking it in? jo

  3. Chris and Sarah,
    A lot of succes with the first official US marathon race.
    Good luck!